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More Principles of Balloon Flight 

How high do ballons go? Flights in hot air balloons  have been recorded at over 50,000 feet.However, the sport of ballooning is most enjoyable when flying 200 to 500feet -just above the tree tops. When balloons fly over populated 
areas , they maintainan altiude of at least       1000 feet.
Most balloons can fly for about 1-2 hrs  depending on the outside temperature and the weightcarried . On a cold day with only one person a 3-4 hour flight would bepossible.
Flights are scheduled for daybreak and for 
and two hours prior to sunset when air currents 
are most favorable for ballooning. Except for the summers when in South, when afternoon temperatures are too hot. 
Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended , such as long pants and flat shoes.